Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan 101: A Complete 30 Day Challenge Guide To Fasting And Extended Fasting For Quick Weight Loss - Kathleen Kelly

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan 101: A Complete 30 Day Challenge Guide To Fasting And Extended Fasting For Quick Weight Loss

By Kathleen Kelly

  • Release Date: 2019-09-28
  • Genre: Dieta y nutrición
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Tired over obsessing about your daily calorie intake? Tired of trying to shed those additional pounds without any success? Tired of following those strict dieting plans which suggest you cut out your favorite foods and meals?

If your answer to these questions is yes and if you are ready to try a completely new approach to dieting habits, you are in the right place. Intermittent fasting methods may be exactly what you need in order to maximize your weight loss progress and boost your overall health without obsessing about what you eat and without starving yourself.

Many people who have not been introduced to intermittent fasting methods believe that this approach is about starving yourself. However, this is not the case. Intermittent fasting, is a new approach promoting healthy dieting habits which both in the short and long run, in addition to helping with weight loss, also bring numerous other health benefits. The main idea behind intermittent fasting is that you keep your current eating habits without changing what you eat, but making some changes regarding when you eat.

Struggling to lose weight despite making sacrifices and despite cutting your daily calorie intake? Struggling to stay in shape in the long run while following those popular dieting plans? Sound familiar? If it does, intermittent fasting may be the change you need to embrace. Unlike other dieting plans, intermittent fasting does not tell you what to eat, but when to eat. Therefore, it is more of a lifestyle than a dieting plan.

By embracing intermittent fasting, you get to enjoy your favorite foods, but you just balance your daily meals following a simple, yet effective, dieting plan. As you work on balancing your meals, you get to burn fat, shed additional pounds, slow down those aging processes, keep your hormones balanced and finally live a healthier life.

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The importance of good nutritionHow nutrients affect your overall health stateWhat fasting is, fasting benefits and related risksThe science behind fastingHow to avoid common mistakes when embracing intermittent fastingYour 30-day intermittent fasting challenge for weight lossAnd much, much more...
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